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Introducing the SP8-SK dustless vacuum sanding kits

Featuring a stainless steel recovery tank, these units are equipped with a true HEPA Filter (H14) located upstream of the motor.  They are designed for point of generation dust control for the recovery of lead, cadmium, chromium, strontium, zinc and barium.  Fully integrated automatic on/off switch.  Valve is fully pneumatically (air) operated with no electrical components and is controlled by vacuum assisted dustless hand tools.  This is a dry recovery only Dustless Sanding Kit.  This unit is equipped with a 4-stage Filtration System which consists of a HEPA Filter (H14), Main Cloth Filter, Safety Filter and Disposable Filter Bag.  Recovery capacity is 3.5 gallons (13.3 liters) in Disposable Filter Bags.  Complete system includes a sander, hose, abrasives start-up kit and filters to ensure turn-key operation.  Abrasives are available in PSA (sticky), Hook and Loop (Velcro) or screen type.  Many different grits available.  All of our HEPA Dustless Sanding Kits are Aerosol Leak Tested before leaving our facility.


SP8SK 2plus2 SP8SK 4R

SP-8 SK (2+2) HEPA




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