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Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaner System for Class II Division 2

cwr-10ex-4w webFinally, a static dissipative and conductive cleanroom vacuum cleaner!

Tiger-Vac's ESD safe CWR-10EX (4W) series is suitable for general, dry clean-up in controlled environments and cleanrooms rated Class II Division 2 (Zone 22 [dust]). Any static produced while vacuuming is quickly and effectively discharged to ground.

CWR-10EX (4W) is equipped with 4 filters: true dual ULPA Filters (U15) are located downstream of the motor while 2 HEPA filters (H14) are included within the powerhead, making it eligible for IP6X. This model is EMI/RFI Shielded and will not disrupt computers and sensitive electronic equipment.  The recovery tank is stainless steel and autoclavable.

CWR-10EX (4W) can be equipped with a middle-ring with activated carbon for neutralization of toxic/noxious fumes and vapours.

For more information and to discover our complete line of vacuum cleaners and portable dust collectors for cleanroom and controlled environements, please visit http://www.tiger-vac.com/product-line/cleanroom-and-pharmaceutical/cleanroom.html

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