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CD-35L (DT) EX Series: NRTL Certified for Division 1

CD-35L DT MRP C7P CD-35L DT MRP tank off BphQV6

Tiger-Vac’s CD-35L (DT) EX Series is a very popular product. Available with a 5HP or 2HP motor, this industrial vacuum cleaner is NRTL certified for Division 1, Class I, Group D T3C and Division 1, Class II, Groups F & G, dust ignition proof by CSA®/UL® for Canada and the USA. A Class II, Division 1, Group E (metal dust) motor is also available.

The CD-35L (DT) EX Series also features:

  • A recovery tank that can be detached from the filter chamber, with a capacity of 35 liters (7 gallons).
  • Manual Filter Shaker (MFS) or Manual reverse purge (MRP) that reduce downtime by allowing for the cleaning of the unit’s internal filters/cartridge without having to open the vacuum cleaner.
  • Conductive spun-bond filter cartridge or bell shaped, conductive main cloth filter.
  • HEPA or ULPA filtration available downstream.
  • Muffler to reduce noise level.
  • All Stainless Steel SAE 304 construction (except cart). 
The CD-35L (DT) EX (MRP) Extended is also 3rd party certified Ex d IIB T4 Gb Ex t IIIC T135oC Db IP65, certified for providing an Equipment Protection Level of EPL Db and EPL Gb. At Tiger-Vac, safety has no compromise. Visit our website to find out more : http://www.tiger-vac.com/index.php/product-line/explosion-proof/explosion-proof-three-phase.html
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